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Multi bag filter housing

About bag filtration, inside the bag filtration system, the filter bag is supported by an inside metal basket. The incoming fluid flow out after filtered by the bag, and the impurities are intercepted in the filter bag. You can continue to use the filtration system after changing the filter bag.
Multi Bag Filter Housing

Multi Bag Filter Housing Feature

--The bag filter housing is designed with a proven swing eye-bolt or segment clamp closure mechanism.
--Positive O-ring sealing offers easy and safe operation.
--We can provide almost all kinds of multi-bag filters available, from double-bag type to 24-bag type, complete in specifications.
--the flanges of the link outlet-inlet from 3"to18".
--the Max.flow of single unit are from 90 cubic m./h to 1,080 cubic m./h.
--Available in carbon steel or Type 304 or 316 stainless steel for high corrosion resistance.
--If you buy our multi-bag filters, you can wait for a long time to change the used bags.

Quick Lock Multi bag filter housing (Qic lock opening cover with Spring Assist Hinge)
The QLM vessel defines the sitate of the art for multi-bag vessels.The operator's safely and ease of bag change out were considered paramount in its design. A low profile design means the top of the bag is at about waist height for most operators--thus providing a more ergonomic position for lifting dirty bags out of the vessel. The QLM unlque quick opening spindle closure mechanism provides for a 20 second opening--without tools. The integral vent valve mechanism protects the operator by preventing the opening of the vessel without first venting the pressure. Finally, the spring assisted hinge makes lifting the lid easy and safe. All vessels are constructed of 304/316 stainless steel. The vessel is pressure rated to 150psi.

Multi bag filter housing Model & Specification

Model Max Flow(m3/h-gpm) Max pressure Design Temp Pipe Size Material
FQ-M-402-G80 90(400) 10bar 80°C 3-4" 304/316/CS
FQ-M-403-G80 135(600) 10bar 80°C 3-4" 304/316/CS
FQ-M-404-G100 180(800) 10bar 80°C 3-6" 304/316/CS
FQ-M-405-G100 225(1000) 10bar 80°C 3-6" 304/316/CS
FQ-M-406-G150 270(1200) 10bar 80°C 3-8" 304/316/CS
FQ-M-407-G150 315(1400) 10bar 80°C 3-8" 304/316/CS
FQ-M-408-G200 360(1600) 10bar 80°C 4-8" 304/316/CS
FQ-M-4010-G250 450(2000) 10bar 80°C 6-8" 304/316/CS
FQ-M-4012-G250 540(2400) 10bar 80°C 6-10" 304/316/CS
FQ-M-4014-G250 630(2800) 10bar 80°C 8-10" 304/316/CS
FQ-M-4016-G250 720(3200) 10bar 80°C 8-12" 304/316/CS
FQ-M-4018-G250 810(3600) 10bar 80°C 10-14" 304/316/CS
FQ-M-4020-G300 900(4000) 10bar 80°C 10-16" 304/316/CS
FQ-M-4022-G350 990(4400) 10bar 250°F 12-18" 304/316/CS
FQ-M-4024-G350 1080(4800) 10bar 80°C 14-18" 304/316/CS
Model Max Flow(m3/h-gpm) Max pressure Design Temp Pipe Size Material
FQ-MK-402 90 1.0Mpa 80°C 3-4" 304/316
FQ-MK-403 135 1.0Mpa 80°C 3-4" 304/316
FQ-MK404 180 1.0Mpa 80°C 3-6" 304/316
FQ-MK-405 225 1.0Mpa 80°C 3-6" 304/316
FQ-MK-406 270 1.0Mpa 80°C 3-8" 304/316
FQ-MK408 360 1.0Mpa 80°C 4-8" 304/316
FQ-MK-4010 450 1.0Mpa 80°C 6-8" 304/316
FQ-MK-4012 540 1.0Mpa 80°C 6-10" 304/316
Please send us the specification detail by email for quote, thanks.
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